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This is the home of the Second War- Z.A….




System is of my own invention, rather simple and primitive.

You roll for attack on 1d20.

Stats are:

Power (Pw.) Hit Points (Hp.) Damage (Dg.) and Defense (Df.) If your power is above 3, you get a bonus on your attack roll: Pw. 4 = bonus 1, Pw. 5 = bonus 2, Pw. 6 = bonus 3.

Hp are hit points, aka health points or life points. When you run out of these, you are knocked down, and given 3 hp to survive on, if these are lost, you die, or the game master is flexible. (personally, I'm flexible.) Average for a human is 15.

Damage (Dg.) This is what you roll when you hit, to see how much Hp you take from your enemy. Average is 1d12+1d4.

Defense (Df.) This is what an enemy has to roll to sucessfully hit you. I hope for your sake that yours is high, and the enemies' are low.


Main Page

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